MSB sets lofty safety standards for each and every project, with the expectation of completing all projects without incident by incorporating a culture of safety awareness into all operations. Recognized by clients and industry leaders alike for its outstanding safety engineering, the firm has developed an employee culture that transcends expected safety and safe practices. In addition, the company continually assesses and optimizes strategies and systems to ensure that engineering activities uphold the highest levels of safety performance.

In fact, the results speak for themselves. MSB employees have worked more than 1,500,000 man-hours without a lost time incident and have achieved zero Lost Time Injury and zero Injuries/Illnesses during that time. And, thanks to a culture of safety nurtured by M S Benbow leadership, the company has garnered its share of safety and professional accolades: the Contractor Safety Excellence Award at Shell Norco Refinery & Chemical Plant for eight consecutive years from 2011 to 2018; the Chalmette Refining Partner in Safety Award; and two Safety Achievement Awards for five consecutive years from 2014 to 2018 from the Industrial Safety Training Council (ISTC) of Texas.

Of course, the M S Benbow Safety Program is compliant with federal, state and local regulations with particular emphasis on the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). Employees and contractors are not only knowledgeable and compliant with these governing standards, but the company also requires all employees to follow any additional safety procedures that clients may employ.


At MSB, we believe that all workplace incidents are preventable – and we’re making it our mission to prove it by providing high-quality safety programs that empower employees to help make it possible.


Do not text while walking or driving, hands-free only while driving

Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings at all times

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment while on the job

Never consume alcohol or use drugs when working or driving

If a situation seems unsafe – Stop, Think, Decide & Act

Learn and practice proper lifting techniques

Use extreme caution when working from heights

Always complete your JSA prior to performing field work

Make sure everyone buckles his/her seatbelt before moving a vehicle

When possible, work alongside at least one other employee

Report any unsafe conditions to a supervisor

Always follow the client’s safe work practices