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Arc Flash – Mitigation By Design

Learn how to plan your Arc Flash PPE to mitigate hazardous risks and protect personnel.

In this Arc Flash Mitigation Webinar, MSB engineering experts will examine the principals behind arc flash mitigation methods and present important information on how to help prevent arc flash incidents and minimize the severity of these events through PPE mitigation efforts.

Arc flash hazards in conjunction with electrical hazards pose an everyday risk for personnel who work with dangerous electrical equipment in industrial, commercial and municipal settings.  Arc flash analysis provides critical safety information to help protect your personnel from the adverse effects of an arcing fault. When incident energy level is significant, pressure wave, molten metal and shrapnel can cause severe injury or death.

In this Arc Flash Mitigation Webinar you will learn:

  • Standard principles of Arc Flash Theory
  • Professionally accepted Arc Flash Calculation Methods as outlined by the IEEE
  • Important considerations related to limitations of Arc Flash Analysis
  • Arc Flash mitigation requirements, including NEC/NFPA 70E Requirements, Arc Flash Hazard Labels and PPE Requirements
  • Safety mitigation methods to reduce arc flash incident energy, fault clearing time, fault current and increase working distance

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Date and Time

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Andrew Kane, PE, leads arc flash mitigation webinarAbout Our Presenter

Andrew Kane, P.E.

Senior Electrical Engineer, M S Benbow & Associates

A seasoned professional engineering consultant, Andrew Kane has performed Arc Flash Analysis projects throughout his career in a variety of facilities and industry settings. He has a comprehensive background in electrical engineering design and project management, including offshore, onshore, oil & gas, petro-chem, mid-stream, down-stream and utility. Currently he leads an Electrical Group of engineers and designers for multiple refinery, chemical, onshore and fixed offshore facilities.

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