MSB provides a wide array of services to assist refineries and the petrochemical industry. Whether it’s new construction, replacement or turnaround operations, we can handle all of your design, engineering and oil & gas project management needs. MSB has a strong specialty in refining telecommunications and electrical engineering, working on projects ranging from fiber optic networks to control system installs and upgrades. Our project managers are engineers with real world experience and have earned the trust of refineries along the Gulf Coast by demonstrating professional discipline, vendor autonomy and attention to detail.


  • Perform electrical services such as installs, upgrades and replacements of everything from motors to pressure transmitters and marshaling panels.
  • Install, upgrade and replace instrumentation & control systems.
  • Program Allen Bradly PLC-5 and SLC-500, Modicon, Wonderware (HMI), Siemens WinCC Flex (HMI), Modicon PLC and Fisher ProVox DCS.
  • Provide expansion, upgrade and maintenance of wireless and SCADA telecommunications systems including plant-wide evacuation and push-to-talk communications systems.
  • Draft and design project needs to meet the existing infrastructure.
  • Offer mechanical, civil and structural engineering services to develop and communicate specifications to contractors.
  • Supervise and manage projects from start to finish throughout all stages.