Technology Infrastructure for the Hospitality and Gaming Industries

Our team of collaborative, vendor-agnostic technology consultants has extensive experience working with clients in the gaming and hospitality industries. We know all too well that the performance of your technology infrastructure can’t be left to chance. Bulletproof networks purpose-built for the bright lights, big stage, and the mission-critical aspects of your operations are what we deliver, on time and on budget. 

technology infrastructure

The Benefits of 5-Star Tech Infrastructure

At its heart, technology is about making things better for the people using it. For these tech users, “better” might mean faster, easier, more enjoyable…it may even mean less expensive. More and more, people everywhere — and this includes your guests — expect technology to make everyday tasks and routine activities better.

Need room service? Why pick up the phone when you can just order from an app on your phone or laptop? Need to check in or check out of your property? Why should they have to go wait in line at the front desk when they can do everything wirelessly?

The point is this: the adoption of new technology is making people’s everyday lives better, in ways both big and small. And it’s happening all the time. Thus, there’s no reason why this same tech-enabled existence has to stop the minute a guest arrives at your property. If people can do all of these things via an app in their everyday lives, why can’t they continue to use an app when they’re staying at your property.

Below are just a few ways that your industry peers are leveraging technology at their properties.

Tech-Enabled Guest Experience

Your guests don’t just want a tech-enabled experience. They expect it. They want to use their favorite apps anywhere and everywhere on your property. A slow or troublesome connection to the internet is enough to ruin your guest’s vacation. What’s more, your guests expect your technology to make their stay easier, more relaxing, and more enjoyable.

Why leave the lounge chair to trek to the bar when you can stay by the pool and order the next round from your phone? The right technology infrastructure gives you the tools you need to elevate the guest experience to a 5-star level.

Tech-Enabled Guest Experience

Employee Connectivity

Connected employees are more productive, period. Solving your employee connectivity challenges allows you to put wireless devices (phones, tablets, POS) right into their hands so they can meet your guests where they are. No more waiting for the credit card to be run back at the server station. Instead, it happens right in front of the guest, instantly and seamlessly.

Your employees can also transmit important information to the appropriate resources on your team instantly, speeding up your service and solving your guests’ concerns quickly and easily.

Employee Connectivity

Grow Revenue and Profit

The right technology infrastructure allows you to generate more revenue, more often, from anywhere on your property. Your team can do more and sell more, all while streamlining your operations. Your tech can enable cashless payments, allowing you to increase the monetization of your guests while they’re on your property. Additionally, you’ll uncover valuable insights via robust data analytics on your customers, your operations, and your team.

This invaluable, actionable data can help you improve every aspect of your business, leading to happier guests, a more engaged team, and ultimately, more revenue and profit.

Profit Driver

Our Tech Expertise

MSB is a vendor-agnostic solution provider. We value our reputation in the industry as trusted, expert engineers who work with all technology manufacturers to deliver the right solution that meets our clients’ needs. 

MSB is a collaborative, design and build technology partner. That means we work with our clients through the entire project timeline — from conception to budgeting to completion — adding value at each step of the way.

Our specific expertise includes designing and building:

  • High-Performance Wi-Fi Networks (WiFi)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Wayfinding (BLE Beacon)
  • Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Local Area Networks (LANs)
  • Converged Networked Systems (CNS)

Talk to Us About Your Tech Infrastructure

Senior Technology Consultant, Kit Keen, talks to business leaders and technology decision-makers in the hospitality and gaming industries every single day. He has extensive experience with technology infrastructure projects at a broad range of properties and facilities across the country. Working alongside Kit is MSB’s head of Business Development, Scott Uffman. Scott is usually there with Kit when they’re talking to the business leaders and technology decision-makers we mentioned above. If you have specific questions or just want to learn about cutting-edge technology, give Kit or Scott a shout — they’ll be happy to talk to you.

Kit Keen, Senior Technology Consultant, MSB

Kit Keen
Senior Technology Consultant
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Scott Uffman - MSB Business Development

Scott Uffman
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