Instrumentation & Controls

Keeping you on-line. Moving you ahead.

We keep you on-line with pragmatic responses to your most urgent challenges. When your operations are halted or otherwise compromised due to faulty instrumentation and control systems infrastructure, every single minute counts – in lost dollars and disappointed customers. Your team at M S Benbow understands the need for speedy, but smart responses to such disruptions. We are expert troubleshooters who identify both direct and indirect causes, propose pragmatic solutions, and rapidly assemble the right equipment, software and expertise to get your operation going again. What’s more, in an era when experienced instrumentation professionals are hard to come by, our team brings instant expertise and insight to bypass a costly learning curve.

We sustain your momentum by delivering proven, product-neutral solutions. Many facility managers and engineers struggle with a dual challenge: investing in instrumentation and control systems infrastructure upgrades to enhance performance while also dealing with a cluster of failing, obsolete or underperforming equipment. Our team of engineers and instrument and control system specialists helps you emphasize the forward-leaning aspects of your business plan by selecting the best products and solutions available – without the bias often seen from manufacturers’ service reps. Our loyalty and focus always remain on you.

We move you ahead by applying disciplined, dependable approaches. When you are ready to plan for and invest in comprehensive upgrades of your instrumentation and controls systems infrastructure, M S Benbow provides a rigorous, proven design process to achieve success. Our team members act as an extension of your team – as true partners – to move you from conception, to design, to installation, testing and implementation. You will appreciate our team’s commitment to make your “ideal world” come closer to reality by positioning you to succeed.

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2021 Instrumentation & Controls Survey Results

Bridging the Gap – 2021 Alarming Conditions of Today’s Instrumentation and PLC-based Control Systems in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries

    Services Provided

    • Control System Design, Configuration, and Programming
    • PLC Based Control Systems
    • Upgrade/Replacement of Obsolete Control Systems, PLC’s, and IO
    • Gas Detection Systems
    • Human Machine Interface (Graphics, Alarm Management, Trending)
    • Analyzer Systems and IO Buildings
    • P&ID Walk Downs & Field Verifications
    • TMR and Fault Tolerant Control System Design and Implementation
    • Project Design Packages with Cost Estimates (FEED, Detailed Design, IFA, IFC)
    • SCADA Systems
    • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) Applications
    • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Validation
    • Tank Gauging Systems – Wireless
    • Tank Gauging Systems – Traditional
    • Accident Investigation and Forensic Analysis
    • Expert Witness Testimony

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