Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Rail Unloading Facility

On behalf of a longstanding client in the oil & gas downstream market, MSB’s Instrumentation & Controls division delivered process design, detailed engineering, project engineering and project management services for a Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) rail-unloading facility construction project at a New Orleans area refinery. The project expands the refinery’s product distribution by converting industrial greenfield land into a fully-commissioned LPG rail terminal with four railcar loading/unloading towers designed for future vapor recovery capability. MSB’s team of engineers and designers assisted in developing the feasibility study, FEED analysis and cost estimates to evaluate the practicality of the construction. MSB also delivered detailed design, equipment and materials specification, FAT execution, installation/construction support, and start-up and commissioning services. To meet the ambitious construction timeline, MSB provided staged design package deliverables while construction was underway. MSB also tapped its team of seasoned engineers midway through the project to re-engineer the LPG railcar skid vendor’s automation controls from a multi-PLC simplex design to a single TMR Fault Tolerant alternative. Completed in 11 months, the project was successfully delivered on time and within budget.

Substation Replacement

MSB has been providing engineering for substation maintenance and repairs for more than 40 years and brings extensive resources and experience to the construction of new facilities from the ground up. Working with a leading integrated downstream energy company, MSB managed the facility’s new unit substation replacement program from inception to startup and commissioning.

MSB provided custom-engineered and -designed work packages to meet the needs of the client’s particular infrastructure and construction requirements. MSB delivered a complete engineering package including feasibility and FEED studies; project planning and scoping; equipment specifications andvendor coordination; project management; detailed construction packages and startup support. MSB managed schedules and equipment delivery, as well as supported contractors performing load cutovers and grounding systems, control building, wiring and battery system installation. The new system will reduce outages, increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs at the plant for years to come.

Hazardous Area Classification & Compliance

Electrical hazardous area classification & compliance for a process facility containing multiple process flow streams of combustible, flammable and/or volatile hydrocarbons was assessed and developed by MSB. The hazardous area assessment and revalidation provided development and documentation of classified area boundary limits. This work allowed the facility to ensure operational safety requirements and minimize the risk of ignition from electrical energy or other heat sources.

MSB engineers’ hazardous area classification and compliance assessment defined the plant’s process pressures, temperatures, flowrates and stream compositions. In addition, they verified point source emissions of process equipment such as hydrocarbon pressure vessels, pumps, compressors, piping and pressure relief devices. MSB delivered detailed classified area drawings and documentation, including safety shutdown systems, and class, group and division ratings of temporary and permanent electrical equipment to assure suitability for use in the process areas. Learn more about MSB’s expertise in Electrical Power Systems.

Refinery Reformer Control System Upgrade

MSB led strategy and design for a refinery reformer control system upgrade for existing process systems. This allowed for online testing of critical instrumentation and shutdown devices, thereby increasing the total availability of the systems involved. This project involved TIOT (Testing Interval Optimization Tool), evaluating all critical devices to determine testing intervals to achieve the desired availability targets. Piping and mechanical systems were then modified, as well as existing PLC programs, to allow online testing of all critical instrumentation and shutdown devices whose testing intervals were shorter than the planned units Turn Around. Learn more about MSB’s expertise in refinery reformer control system upgrades and Instrumentation & Controls.

Refinery Wireless Tank Gauging

To properly maintain a refinery wireless tank gauging system, MSB was hired to plan, design and implement a plant wide upgrade of existing storage tank level instrumentation systems. Over multiple project phases, MSB upgraded twelve storage tanks. The system transmits measured tank data such as levels, temperatures, and pressures over a dual redundant wireless link. It also includes a fiber backhaul to the plant’s DCS and Tank Gauging Management System. Learn more about MSB’s Instrumentation and Control Systems services.

Refinery Arc Flash Reduction Program

MSB worked with a Gulf South based oil refinery from project inception to completion including conceptual layout and detailed design. MSB researched available options and their application to the client’s specific equipment. MSB then developed a total installed cost estimate and multiple design packages to implement the appropriate arc flash mitigation option in a staged manner to take advantage of planned system outages.

Pipeline Pump Station

MSB developed electrical equipment purchase specifications for several 12000-18000HP pump stations across a Midwest pipeline system. These specifications were associated with switchgear, transformers, and switchgear building. MSB also developed a detailed design package for the main substation in addition to the pump station power, control, and instrumentation wiring systems. MSB coordinated with the appropriate utility companies to deliver electrical power to the sites on an aggressive schedule.

Arc Flash Analysis

MSB developed an electrical model of the entire refinery electrical distribution system comprised of 230kV, 115kV, 13.8kV, 4.16kV, 2.4kV, and 480V.  MSB performed field work to attain equipment information; developed the engineering model; and, performed fault current, protective device coordination and arc flash analysis.

Electrical System FEED

MSB developed, estimated, and scoped an Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for a complete electrical system including a main substation and seven unit substations involving 230kV, 13.8kV, 4.16kV, and 480V.  MSB created a detailed project plan and schedule to implement the project over 10 years based on facility turnaround schedules.  MSB is currently implementing the first phase of the bid.

Offshore Video Surveillance System Upgrade

An international offshore exploration and production company retained MSB to develop a video surveillance standard for its Gulf of Mexico assets.  MSB developed the video standard and led the design and implementation of a new video management and recording system.  MSB designed the offshore video monitor and control system to be managed by the onshore operations center.