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PLC-based Control System Upgrades

Exploring Critical Paths to Enhance Reliability, Productivity & Safety

PLC-based control systems offer flexibility and a non-proprietary hardware/software platform for a variety of applications, from simple discrete logic control to demanding complex real-time control of rotating machinery. Many sites today have old, outdated control systems, ranging from older electro-mechanical and relay-based control systems to PLC-based systems that are now obsolete. Worse yet, the lack of control system standardization creates many issues with respect to version control, firmware updates, maintainability, and other problems.

This presentation explores the migration path of PLC-based control system upgrades, modern day options, advantages of system standardization, applications, and design cycles utilizing today’s PLC-based control systems.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Considerations when upgrading a control system
  • Available options when choosing a new hardware platform
  • SIL ratings and Risk Assessments
  • The benefits of standardization
  • An overview of the design process for PLC-based control system upgrades

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Date and Time

Thursday, November 19, 2020


About Our Presenter

Ronald Ledet, MSB, PLC-base Control System UpgradesRonald J. Ledet, P.E.

Program Manager, M S Benbow & Associates

With over 30 years engineering experience in the fields of electrical, telecommunications, control systems engineering, forensic investigations, expert witness testimony, software design, and project management, Ronnie manages complex, highly technical product development projects, including advanced control system designs for high-speed rotating machinery and station/plant automation. In addition, he has significant programming and operational experience in the development of real-time control of critical systems (algorithmic design, C Programming, etc.), fault tolerant control systems for high availability applications, and communication interface protocols. Ronnie earned a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and is a National Science Foundation Grant Recipient for the design of a navigation control system for remote control of robotic vehicles. He holds two Professional Engineering certifications, one in Electrical Engineering and one in Control Systems Engineering.

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