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Hazardous Area Classification & Compliance

MSB was tasked with assessing and developing electrical hazardous areas for a process facility containing multiple process flow streams of combustible, flammable and/or volatile hydrocarbons. The hazardous area assessment and revalidation provided development and documentation of classified area boundary limits for the facility to ensure operational safety requirements and minimize the risk of ignition from electrical energy or other heat sources. MSB engineers’ hazardous area classification and compliance assessment defined the plant’s process pressures, temperatures, flowrates and stream compositions; and verified point source emissions of process equipment such as hydrocarbon pressure vessels, pumps, compressors, piping and pressure relief devices. MSB delivered detailed classified area drawings and documentation, including safety shutdown systems, and class, group and division ratings of temporary and permanent electrical equipment to assure suitability for use in the process areas.

Services Provided

  • Detailed Classified Area Drawings & Documentation
  • Engineering & Design Services
  • Existing Facility and Process Surveys
  • Operations & Maintenance Support

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