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High-Density Wi-Fi Networks for Immersive Guest Experiences

Top entertainment venues and attractions require world-class high-density Wi-Fi networks to meet the ever-evolving mobile connectivity needs of visitors, employees and facility operations. Pervasive, reliable connectivity was a requirement for a theme park seeking to deliver guests a fully immersive experience while allowing them to stay connected with friends and family and share video and photos on social media. Whether riding a roller coaster, enjoying a meal or watching a performance, the network would be both seamless and inconspicuous allowing guests to experience exceptional speed and coverage without so much as a glimpse of the equipment responsible for delivering the world-class connectivity.

Guests don’t seek out attractions with fast wireless speeds, but it’s the backbone of an engaging environment an unforgettable customer experience, nonetheless. Next to a park pass and credit card, nearly every visitor has a smartphone or wearable device. Social media is redefining the guest experience. As the demands for bandwidth and coverage continue to expand, reliable wireless is tantamount to delivering the highest level of hospitality.

With its experience designing high density, high-performance wireless networks at large venues such as stadiums, arenas and convention centers, M S Benbow & Associates was up for the challenge of delivering fully redundant coverage available anywhere on the park’s property.

MSB has deep expertise and technological know-how designing masterful custom-built wireless networks for some of the most high-profile large public venues in the United States. In 2019, MSB teamed with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, to deliver a future-proofed WLAN for Silicon Valley’s new technological powerhouse arena, the $1.4 billion Chase Center.

Just as much care was taken when preparing a large-scale fully redundant wireless network that would provide 100% coverage for guests of a major U.S. theme park. Partnering again with Aruba, the system is supported by the property’s robust network infrastructure which features a new Cisco switching backbone. The Wi-Fi network deploys thousands of Aruba access points to provide tertiary coverage so park-goers are within reach of three access points at anytime, anywhere on the property.

The state-of-the-art network will not only provide seamless connectivity. Special care was given to ensuring guests will experience coverage without ever laying eyes on the robust, wireless infrastructure that delivers the signals. MSB consulted with architects and artists on location of access points and selection of materials that could shield the hardware without interrupting RF signal in order to minimize visual impact of antennas and other wireless infrastructure to maintain the park’s aesthetics and artist’s intent for the guest experience.

Services Provided

  • Full 2D Autocad & 3D REVIT A&E design
  • Hardware Research & Selection
  • High Density Wi-Fi Network Design
  • Mockup & Theming Support
  • RF & Network Design
  • RF Model Development
  • Technology Consulting
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