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Liberty University - Stadium Wireless Network Expansion

Liberty University, 

Lynchburg, Virginia

MSB partnered with Aruba Networks to design and construct a massive wireless network upgrade as part of Liberty University’s Williams Stadium expansion project. The infrastructure project incorporates fiber optic cable and more than 624 wireless access points to provide robust Wi-Fi coverage and capacity as part of an overall remodel of the venue. The project was completed in less than a year in preparation for the season-opener of the Liberty Flame’s new NCAA Division 1 football classification. MSB’s expert telecommunications engineers designed the state-of the-art wireless network to extend the stadium's bandwidth to support high-definition streaming video and Wi-Fi calling for 25,000 spectators. The network upgrade was designed to ensure the infrastructure can handle future plans for expansion, such as location-based services to further enhance the fan experience and integration with all 11 of the university’s large public venues, including baseball and softball fields, an indoor track and indoor swimming complex.

Services Provided

  • Network Infrastructure Engineering
  • Network Testing
  • Programming & Installation
  • Project Management
  • Project Scope Development
  • Technical Design Review
  • Wi-Fi Network

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