Airport Public Safety Radio System Enhancement

A major public airport needed to enhance public safety wireless coverage throughout the airport based on the renovation and new construction associated with the Terminal Modernization project.  MSB was hired to provide project scoping, budget development and vendor identification and liaison.

P25 Radio System Upgrade

A regional public safety department hired MSB to lead the project to upgrade the parish-wide Motorola P25 public safety radio system.  MSB provided project scoping, specification and budget development; vendor selection, project management and implementation support; and, is providing acceptance review and on-site cut-over assistance for this upgrade.

Municipal Police Department Emergency 911 System Upgrade

MSB was the lead design firm for all telecom systems for a municipal Police Department’s Emergency 911 dispatch center.  The telecom design package included systems for voice, data, video, public safety radio, dispatch consoles, CATV, structured cabling, and uninterruptible power systems (UPS).  MSB qualified the construction contractors, oversaw build-out, integration and testing, and provided As Built documentation.

Arena Wi-Fi Build-out and Optimization

A prominent sporting arena hired MSB to independently inspect, test and make recommendations for the arena’s Wi-Fi build-out.  Thru RF site surveys and a physical installation inspection, MSB recommended specific network optimization and performance enhancements to their system.

DFW Airport Cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Buildout

Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW), as part of their overall Terminal Renovation and Improvement Program (TRIP), hired MSB to perform RF modeling and cellular system design, RF cable sweeps and cellular walk testing to improve the communication systems for visitors and internal operations.  MSB also performed A&E design package development, oversaw construction, and managed the start-up and maintenance of the new cellular distributed antenna system (DAS).

Love Field Airport Cellular Distributed Antenna System and WiFi Buildout

Dallas Love Field was going through an airport modernization project to improve communication systems for visitors and internal operations.  Boingo Wireless contracted MSB to perform A&E design package development, oversee construction, and start-up and maintain the new cellular Distributed Antenna System and WiFi network.

Convention Center High Density WiFi Design & Implementation

Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) decided to embark on a complete WiFi wireless upgrade project that would serve both patrons and the internal staff of the Boston Convention and Exposition Center. The project scope included providing WiFi service throughout the 800,000 sq. ft. convention center.

Plant Wide Radio System Support

MSB provides ongoing technical support and maintenance services for a plant wide radio system. MSB performs FCC licensing, system management, maintenance and repair of the plant wide radio system that is utilized for day to day operations and turnarounds.

Plant Wide Evacuation System

MSB performs ongoing FCC licensing, system management, maintenance and repair of an oil & gas facilities plant wide evacuation system.  The life-safety network provides emergency information throughout the refinery to all staff and contractors.