DAS for Mercedes-Benz Superdome & New Orleans Arena


Provide seamless wireless coverage for an expansive 13-acre sports and entertainment complex in advance of several high-profile events such as the BCS Championship, Final Four, and Super Bowl XLVII.

On the heels of an $85-million upgrade and renovation project, venue management company SMG sought to improve cellular communications at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and adjoining New Orleans Arena via deployment of a state-of-the-art network capable of meeting current and growing capacity needs due to new technologies and increased hand-held wireless use.

The multi-million dollar telecommunications project would ensure the venues possess the bandwidth necessary to withstand the mushrooming number of consumer applications and expanding connectivity capabilities patrons expect from a modern facility.


SMG selected M S Benbow & Associates (MSB) as the engineering and project management firm tasked with overseeing all aspects of the design, project execution, and launch of an open-architecture, neutral-host Distributed Antenna System (DAS) capable of supporting seamless wireless voice, data and text services across the sports and entertainment complex. The 4G LTE DAS network would ensure the more than 70,000 fans can count on reliable service for voice calls, text and picture messages, and social media interaction during big events.

MSB took a lead role in negotiating with carriers, developing system specifications, and providing design review and project management services. MSB was on-hand throughout the system construction and launch as project manager. The network serves the entire entertainment district, which includes the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and New Orleans Arena as well as their respective parking areas, administrative offices, team offices, team locker rooms, Champions Square and Club XLIV. AT&T was selected as the lead carrier for the DAS expansion.

MSB’s highly experienced staff of engineers provided:

  • Consulting and evaluation of the DAS infrastructure
  • RF engineering plan review and specification development
  • Carrier negotiations and lead carrier selection support
  • Project management


The new network is the largest DAS system of its kind in the country featuring 950 remote antenna and 70 miles of cable. The system was engineered to serve fans inside the Superdome and additional patrons in the adjacent facilities simultaneously: During major events at the Dome and when crowds fill the adjacent New Orleans Arena, total turnout can top 100,000.

MSB has an ongoing role in representing SMG as new operators are added to the system. Verizon Wireless recently launched their service on the DAS.

The New Orleans-based firm provides ongoing operational management and support for future technology upgrades and expansions at the facilities. MSB is working with SMG to ensure connection by other operators prior to Super Bowl XLVII.


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Seamless wireless service at American Airlines Center


The adoption of wireless cellular devices that provide both voice and data services is driving the need for enhanced coverage throughout the nation. Today, consumers expect wireless cellular voice and data coverage that performs reliably almost anywhere at anytime.

Since opening in 2001, the 84,000-square-foot American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, has maintained its standing as one of the most technologically advanced venues in the world. The American Airlines Center is a premier sports and entertainment venue and home to the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, NHL’s Dallas Stars and AFL’s Dallas Vigilantes.

Wireless users expect seamless service as they transition from outdoor networks to stadiums, airports, convention centers and other large facilities. For the facility’s operator, Center Operating Company, meeting the highest customer expectations at the American Airlines Center requires keeping pace with demand for reliable wireless service by employing advanced technology, including infrastructure expansions to support the latest advancements in communications.


Center Operating Company selected M S Benbow & Associates to provide wireless technology consulting services to help the facility stay on pace with consumer demand by managing upgrades to the cellular infrastructure needed to serve the American Airlines Center’s estimated two million annual patrons.

For the past 11 years, MSB has provided system planning, project and construction management for the multiple distributed antenna systems deployed throughout the facility.  The antenna systems have gone through several upgrades since the original equipment was installed.  Each upgrade provided coverage or capacity improvements in addition to new technological deployments.

MSB assisted with negotiating business agreements with leading wireless carriers, which maintain individual standalone systems that maintain commercial cellular service for mobile phone users and employees.

MSB provides end-to-end customer representation for cellular infrastructure projects including:

  • Project scoping
  • Contract negotiations
  • Design review
  • Project & Construction management
  • Commissioning oversight
  • RF Coverage and Performance Testing
  • A & E Drawings and related documentation


Through its ongoing relationship with Center Operating Company, MSB has been instrumental in helping to keep the multi-purpose facility at the forefront of cellular technology improvements and provide the highest level of service to patrons of the center.

Center Operating Company in 2011 awarded MSB a Corporate Partnership Award recognizing the engineering firm for its commitment to providing engineering and project management services for the wireless infrastructure that supports an estimated two million guests annually at American Airlines Center.  MSB continues to have involvement in any aspect of cellular technology upgrades and capacity improvements at the center.


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Hospital Narrowband Signal Booster with DAS

Hospital In-Building 700/800 MHz Public Safety Radio Communications


Providing seamless in-building radio communications for public safety personnel as they respond to calls for service in office complexes, high-rise structures, hospitals and other critical locations.

Many local jurisdictions have enacted or are considering enacting ordinances and codes that ensure a requisite level of public safety radio communications reliability in buildings and public spaces. Authorities such as the National Fire Protection Association and the International Code Council are working to develop national level model codes to ensure reliable public safety radio communications are provided from the outside Radio Frequency (RF) network throughout building spaces.

As first responders within their communities, hospitals are recognizing the need for reliable wireless public safety communications as both a standard safety assurance and in the event the location becomes a staging location for responders during an emergency.


Deployment of solutions for reliable in-building coverage in a hospital must consider the environment, building parameters, and 24-hour operational needs while working around interference issues from technology such as ultrasound, X-Ray, CT Scanners and other equipment.

M S Benbow & Associates  (MSB) was selected as the telecom engineering firm to design and oversee installation of a dedicated public safety radio communications system that provides public safety coverage throughout all areas of a four-story, 450-bed hospital, including elevators, stairwells and units with sensitive equipment.


MSB was both the design and construction management contractor throughout the project and had turnkey responsibility for the RF site assessment, design of the in-building RF network, development of construction drawings, construction management, system commissioning, start-up and acceptance testing.

MSB’s initial step was to conduct an RF site survey and walk-through of the hospital to determine where advanced coverage was needed and identify the appropriate solution set to ensure reliable, seamless service was provided similar to the outside RF network.

Once the site survey and audit was completed, design was conducted. Project responsibilities included:

  • Spectrum analysis and coordination
  • System design and engineering
  • Record and catalog site specifics
  • Development of a detailed scope of work

MSB also supported the Facilities funding requirements by preparing an overview of the site conditions and a detailed scope of work, project budget and investment justification.


Once funding was approved by hospital administration and the local government administrators, MSB implemented the telecom engineering plan to ensure reliable RF public safety communication transmission for hospital security and first responders. The upgrade entailed installation of a 700/800 MHz Narrowband amplifier with battery backup and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) inside the hospital with coaxial cabling to the exterior RF antenna.

The installation was implemented over a two-month period to accommodate the operation’s 24/7 schedule, coordinate with department downtime and adjust for hospital capacity. MSB also ensured the communication system met Federal Communications Commission OET-65 RF exposure standards.


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Distributed Antenna System for Dallas/Fort Worth Airport


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) in conjunction with the major wireless cellular carriers embarked on an airport-wide Distributed Antenna System (DAS) upgrade in 2009 to enhance system performance and provide Long Term Evolution (LTE) data services to passengers and airport personnel.  The project included providing RF services to sixteen (16) million square feet of the campus.


One of the busiest airports in the world, DFW selected M S Benbow & Associates (MSB) to design, engineer and manage the overall system deployment for this large-scale customized telecommunications project. MSB negotiated business agreements with leading wireless equipment manufacturers and all major carriers, successfully limiting DFW Airport’s project costs. MSB also negotiated agreements with the wireless carriers to fund and implement the DAS system. With contracts secured, MSB worked with these partners to implement a DAS that provides commercial cellular service for mobile phone users and  public safety personnel. MSB also managed FAA permitting, asbestos testing, security testing and badging requirements.


The upgrade includes enhanced service to five terminals, Parking Garages, and the Hyatt Hotel. It consists of over 320 remotes, 1,920 antennas, ten miles of high-density fiber cable, 25 miles of composite fiber cable, and remote monitoring and alarming for increased reliability. In addition to the design and construction phase of the project, MSB provides ongoing maintenance and support for the network.


The upgrade to the system now provides multi-frequency, multi-technology services to passengers and DFW operations personnel and has allowed DFW to become one of the first indoor wireless systems to deploy commercially available 700 MHz, Long Term Evolution (LTE) services. The expansion enables diagnostics and maintenance as well as reduces overall life cost to the service providers. The upgrade also enhanced wireless services for DFW operations and emergency personnel, providing a reliable and robust wireless system to improve operations.

The overall result of the In-building implementation has been an increase in cellular coverage from 25% to 95% of the facility. The presence of the system has directly impacted overall passenger satisfaction at DFW while at the same time increasing airport concession revenue due to the expanded cellular coverage area. MSB was honored to receive a DFW Board Commendation Award for the project.


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Exploration & Production


For more than 20 years, M S Benbow & Associates (MSB) has helped oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) companies improve their communications and remote operations capabilities by utilizing the most advanced technologies. By enhancing offshore automation, MSB helps E&P companies gain more control of their offshore assets and reduce operating costs by having SMEs onshore.

Whether by developing technical architecture recommendations, assisting offshore communications support personnel with hardware upgrades and software implementations, or troubleshooting network connectivity issues, MSB can service any telecommunication or technology need. Our clients depend on our expertise in telecom and IT needs analysis; design, implementation, and monitoring of IT networks; and, RF analysis and performance design and modeling for wireless and telemetry solutions.


  • Perform network discovery and documentation for process control networks including Ethernet, Allen-Bradley Data-Highway+, ControlNet and proprietary systems from Honeywell, Yokogawa and DeltaV.
  • Develop technical architecture recommendations for Process Control Networks that meet Data Acquisition and Control Architecture security requirements.
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issues related to firewalls and VPN Edge devices including PCN and DCS connectivity, telephone connectivity, and always-on video and audio between central and remote control rooms.
  • Assist offshore and onshore network management teams in upgrading hardware and network servers.
  • Develop as-built network diagrams to show final network configurations for offshore sites.
  • Provide technical network and communications consultation to support remote capabilities to offshore assets.
  • Offer network connectivity consultation for offshore and onshore systems including terrestrial, microwave and fixed or stabilized VSAT systems.
  • Perform FCC licensing for microwave satellite systems and trunked radio systems.

Chemical Manufacturing


M S Benbow & Associates (MSB) provides a wide array of services to chemical manufacturing plants and has extensive experience engineering and maintaining specialty communication systems that operate in a petrochemical environment. From capital expansion projects, maintenance of systems or general infrastructure improvements, we can handle services ranging from design and engineering to project management. MSB assigns both engineers and designers with real world experience to the project, and we support the trade disciplines that perform the field installation and commissioning. For over 30 years, MSB has earned the trust of chemical manufacturing plants along the Gulf Coast and has personnel on staff with the specialized safety training and credentials to work in petrochemical facilities.


  • Develop specifications and engineering design for electrical, instrumentation and communications systems.
  • Install, upgrade and replace instrumentation & control systems.
  • Program in multiple analysis programs such as SKM Power*Tools, EasyPower, and ETAP
  • Expand, upgrade and maintain wireless and SCADA telecommunications systems including plant-wide evacuation and push-to-talk communications systems.
  • Support system construction and commissioning.
  • Provide mechanical, civil and structural engineering services to write specifications for contractors.
  • Supervise and manage projects from start to finish throughout all stages.
  • Members of the Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance (LCIA) and Louisiana Chemical Association. For a complete list of all affiliations and certifications click here.



M S Benbow & Associates (MSB) provides a wide array of services to refineries and the petrochemical industry. Whether it’s new construction, replacement or turnaround operations, we can handle all of your design, engineering and project management needs. MSB has a strong specialty in refining telecommunications and electrical engineering working on projects ranging from fiber optic networks to control system installs and upgrades.  Our project managers are engineers with real world experience and have earned the trust of refineries along the Gulf Coast by demonstrating professional discipline, vendor autonomy, and attention to detail.


  • Perform electrical services such as installs, upgrades and replacements of everything from motors to pressure transmitters and marshaling panels.
  • Install, upgrade and replace instrumentation & control systems.
  • Program Allen Bradly PLC-5 and SLC-500, Modicon, Wonderware (HMI), Siemens WinCC Flex (HMI), Modicon PLC and Fisher ProVox DCS.
  • Provide expansion, upgrade and maintenance of wireless and SCADA telecommunications systems including plant-wide evacuation and push-to-talk communications systems.
  • Draft and design project needs to meet the existing infrastructure.
  • Offer mechanical, civil and structural engineering services to develop and communicate specifications to contractors.
  • Supervise and manage projects from start to finish throughout all stages.
  • Members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), International Society of Automation (ISA), and International Electrical Testing Association (NETA).  For a complete list of all affiliations and certifications click here.