Resilient Electrical Power. Reliable Internet Connectivity. We design and build the infrastructure that supplies both.

M S Benbow & Associates (MSB) are consulting engineers with extensive experience working with tribal nations to assess, plan, design, and build the infrastructure needed to support wireless network connectivity and electrical power acquisition and distribution.

MSB works with its clients through the entire project lifecycle — from conception to budgeting to completion — adding value at each step. We are a vendor-agnostic solutions provider that works with the suppliers and manufacturers most appropriate for the project.

The table below shows how our expertise is relevant to the unique challenges faced by tribal nations.

Our Engineering Expertise


Fast reliable wireless internet connectivity, from the casino to the countryside, and everywhere in between.

For healthcare, gaming & hospitality:

  • Local Area Networks (LANs)
  • Private Wireless Networks (LTE/5G)

For communities and entire Tribal Nations:

  • RF Surveys
  • 4G/5G Radio Communications (CBRS)

Power System

Electrical power you can count on that’s efficiently acquired and safely distributed.

For healthcare, gaming & hospitality:

  • Electrical Power Distribution Systems (EPDS)

For communities and entire Tribal Nations:

  • Power Acquisition Coordination (Traditional Utilities / Renewables)

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The Benefits of Better Infrastructure

From broadband networks to the power needed to power those networks up, MSB’s engineers bring a wealth of talent and expertise to each and every new project they tackle. And the more complex the challenge, the better. Below are just a few ways that our tribal partners can benefit from our engineering know-how.

Educational Opportunity

More and more, basic schoolwork is moving online, including homework assignments, reading materials, and even student-teacher communications. This trend was already well-established even before COVID-19 and has completely altered the educational landscape. Now more than ever, fast, reliable internet is a must-have in order for students and their families to fully benefit from the educational opportunities available to them. And that’s a challenge MSB’s engineers know how to overcome.


Public Safety and Communications

When a sudden natural disaster such as a tornado or a flood strikes, an effective public safety communications network can be a lifeline — literally the difference between life and death. Even a slow-moving disaster such as the COVID-19 pandemic necessitates the ability to communicate with your citizenry and facilitate crucial information such as vaccine availability. Ensuring public safety communications requires a bullet-proof system and neither the communications network nor its power supply can fail in a time of crisis. That why MSB engineers build resiliency and functional redundancy into every project they design.



These days, hospitals, clinics and medical facilities of all sizes need reliable broadband connectivity in order to operate. Medical care generates so much data and information — prescriptions, x-ray imagery, diagnoses — and almost all of it flows to its proper destination via the internet. Communications with medical professionals and other healthcare staff when they’re offsite also calls for a bullet-proof network. Otherwise, on-call doctors may not know when they’re needed back at the hospital. And increasingly, the emergence of telemedicine extends this requirement into patients’ homes. MSB’s engineers can solve for all these challenges and much more.


Hospitality and Gaming

Hospitality and gaming may not quite be on the same level of importance as educational attainment or public safety, but these businesses are often the economic engines that fund so many essential aspects of tribal life. Thus, the success of hospitality and gaming ventures really is crucial to tribal welfare. That means, you simply can’t afford to let your tech infrastructure hold you back — not operationally and especially not in the eyes of your patrons. MSB has extensive experience working in the hospitality and gaming industries, both for tribal and non-tribal clients alike. We would welcome the opportunity to share our industry-leading best practices with your property or operation.


Talk to Us About Improving Your Infrastructure

MSB is committed to working with tribal businesses. Not only do we have extensive experience working with tribal partners, we recently joined TribalHub to further solidify our relationship to this vibrant and growing market.

Tribal Hub Member LogoOur head of business development, Scott Uffman, is the driving force behind our tribal relationships. Scott has extensive experience in both connectivity and power infrastructure projects, and knows the unique challenges facing gaming and hospitality operations, healthcare facilities, and even governmental organizations.

Working alongside Scott is Kit Keen, MSB’s Senior Technology Consultant. He has extensive experience with technology and power infrastructure projects at a broad range of properties, facilities, and municipalities across the country.

If you have any specific questions about infrastructure engineering or just want to learn more about MSB’s industry-leading ability to solve complex problems, please get in touch with Scott or Kit or simply fill out the form.

Scott Uffman - MSB Business Development

Scott Uffman
Business Development

Kit Keen, Senior Technology Consultant, MSB

Kit Keen
Sr. Technology Consultant