For more than 20 years, MSB consulting engineers have helped oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) companies improve their communications and remote operations capabilities by utilizing the most advanced technologies. By enhancing offshore automation, MSB helps E&P companies gain more control of their offshore assets and reduce operating costs by having SMEs onshore.

Whether by developing technical architecture recommendations, assisting offshore communications support personnel with hardware upgrades and software implementations, or troubleshooting network connectivity issues, MSB can service any telecommunication or technology need. Our clients depend on our expertise in telecom and IT needs analysis; design, implementation, and monitoring of IT networks; as well as RF analysis and performance design and modeling for wireless and telemetry solutions.


  • Perform network discovery and documentation for process control networks including Ethernet, Allen-Bradley Data-Highway+, ControlNet and proprietary systems from Honeywell, Yokogawa and DeltaV.
  • Develop technical architecture recommendations for Process Control Networks that meet Data Acquisition and Control Architecture security requirements.
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issues related to firewalls and VPN Edge devices including PCN and DCS connectivity, telephone connectivity, and always-on video and audio between central and remote control rooms.
  • Assist offshore and onshore network management teams in upgrading hardware and network servers.
  • Develop as-built network diagrams to show final network configurations for offshore sites.
  • Provide technical network and communications consultation to support remote capabilities to offshore assets.
  • Offer network connectivity consultation for offshore and onshore systems including terrestrial, microwave and fixed or stabilized VSAT systems.
  • Perform FCC licensing for microwave satellite systems and trunked radio systems.