Expert Engineer-Driven Video Surveillance Design & Installation

In high-risk oil and gas, industrial and chemical process environments, ensuring safety through engineer-quality video surveillance design and installation is paramount. Hazardous areas and sensitive locations must be monitored constantly to limit exposure of employees should a system failure occur. The ability to access timely information is critical to maintaining the quality and safety of a facility’s operations and overall security. Industrial managers and security directors seeking an engineer-driven solution to safeguard their operations through robust video surveillance coverage turn to MSB.

MSB has 40 years’ experience providing engineering solutions for the Gulf South oil and gas industry and professional engineers collectively registered in nearly 30 states. Our specialized telecommunications engineering team calls upon extensive experience in a broad spectrum of technology systems that include security, video surveillance and fiber optics.

MSB executes a wide range of state-of-the-art IP and analog video surveillance system projects incorporating the latest technology and video analytics software designed for exceptional performance in hazardous areas. We provide turnkey design and installation of advanced integrated digital CCTV surveillance systems, system retrofits, as well as multi-site video surveillance system design, installation and maintenance services.

MSB takes pride in ensuring our clients achieve seamless, accurate remote surveillance. With expert factory training in advanced surveillance equipment, MSB has been selected as a partner with Milestone, DVTel/Flir, ONSSI, Axis, Samsung, Sony, Pelco and more.

MSB has leading industry expertise in the following:

  • Turnkey Fiber Optic And Digital CCTV System Design
  • Multi-Site System Design & Installation Analog Video Surveillance Systems
  • CCTV System Retrofits
  • Fiber Optic Networks
  • Data Systems

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Our highly experienced telecom engineering professionals provide robust video surveillance services to protect your employees and operations.

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