OT Cybersecurity:

The Fundamentals for Asset Operators

Free Webinar Series

Gain insights on key implementation aspects of Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity, from the perspective of asset management, engineering, operations, and maintenance.


M S Benbow & Associates has the background and experience to work with manufacturers and industries in reducing the exposure of cyber threats to industrial control systems. Our Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity services team has the in-depth knowledge on how to help our clients improve asset integrity, operational reliability, and overall safety.

The OT Cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, which is why one of MSB’s priorities is to make sure our team and our clients have the latest information on effective risk mitigation measures.

In this series of webinars you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity
  • Business drivers and risks
  • Key barriers and controls
  • Critical OT reference data and why it’s important
  • System procurement considerations
  • Management of change considerations
  • Governance and accountability
  • OT Cyber incident management and response
  • Key work processes and interfaces

Professional engineering development hours (PDH) are available.

Dates and Times


We will conclude the series with a review of the key operate/modify/abandon work processes that impact the integrity of the OT environment, resultant risks, vulnerabilities, mitigations, and best practices.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022
2:00 PM CST




We will look at the basics of risk, safety frameworks used to address risk mitigation, and the fundamental requirements for a proper OT asset inventory as the basis for most (if not all) of the barriers and controls.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
2:00 PM CST

Guest Speaker: Edward J. Liebig Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence



In this episode, we will explore the OT Cybersecurity risks, vulnerabilities, and best practices during the asset lifecycle design/procure/deliver phase.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022
Time 2:00 PM CST

Guest Speaker: Mark Duck Shell Global Solutions

About Our Presenter

Marc Chevis

OT Cybersecurity Practice Manager, M S Benbow & Associates

Marc joined MSB in January 2022 to launch our new practice area, Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity. This practice area is built upon MSB’s two existing, core skill sets: industrial controls and networking technology. Marc’s background lends to his expertise in leading this division. Marc spent 15 years at Shell building a digital strategy for their deepwater oil and gas operations. Over the course of several years, he led the transformation of the operating model to realize new value from the effective use of a variety of technology enablers. During this transformation, Marc managed a program that revamped the division’s approach to ICS Cybersecurity.

Our Host

Scott Uffman | Business Development | MSBScott Uffman

Business Development Manager

Scott is an accomplished professional within sales & operations management. An early career with the Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge and APPRO Systems laid the foundation for his expertise. Then, while at the Louisiana Small Business Development Center and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership for ten years, he strengthened his cross-functional collaboration skills within all facets of business. Scott leads MSB’s business development team, which works collaboratively with all stakeholders in the organization to ensure our clients receive the firm’s best resources.



Guest Speakers

Edward Liebig Hexagon M S Benbow and Associates OT CybersecurityWebinar 1 Guest Speaker: Edward J. Liebig MScIT/IA, CISSP, CISM
Global Director of Cyber-Ecosystem
Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence


Mark Duck Shell Oil M S Benbow and Associates OT Cybersecurity WebinarWebinar 2 Guest Speaker: Mark Duck, CISSP, GICSP
Principal PCD IT Security Engineer
Shell Global Solutions




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If you have questions regarding this webinar series or would like to find out more about MSB’s services for Electrical Power Systems, Instrumentation & Controls, and Telecommunications & Technology, please contact Scott Uffman at suffman@msbenbow.com.