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How Wireless Technology Secures and Protects Existing Tank Gauging Systems

Wireless Tank Gauging: Theory & Considerations When Upgrading Existing Mechanical Systems

Outdated mechanical tank gauging systems are difficult to maintain, prone to failure, and are difficult to integrate into a facility-wide communications strategy. Through a multiple-path information flow via wireless and fiber, wireless tank gauging provides access to data from tanks previously out of reach—without the need for long-distance field wiring.

A wireless monitoring solution offers several advantages such as real-time tank data for accurate net volume calculations, certified custody transfer accuracy, leak detection, and reliable high-level alarm functionality to prevent potential overflow.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The types of level measurements, the principals behind the technology, and the theory of operation of radar gauges
  • An overview of wireless mesh networks will also be discussed, along with specific applications
  • The benefits of wireless level measurement over traditional wired level measurement systems

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Date and Time

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


About Our Presenter

Ronald Ledet, MSB, PLC-base Control System UpgradesRonald J. Ledet, P.E.

Program Manager, M S Benbow & Associates

With over 30 years engineering experience in the fields of electrical, telecommunications, control systems engineering, forensic investigations, expert witness testimony, software design, and project management, Ronnie manages complex, highly technical product development projects, including advanced control system designs for high-speed rotating machinery and station/plant automation. In addition, he has significant programming and operational experience in the development of real-time control of critical systems (algorithmic design, C Programming, etc.), fault tolerant control systems for high availability applications, and communication interface protocols. Ronnie earned a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and is a National Science Foundation Grant Recipient for the design of a navigation control system for remote control of robotic vehicles. He holds two Professional Engineering certifications, one in Electrical Engineering and one in Control Systems Engineering.

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