Integrated Wireless Tank Gauging Systems


Tap into 40 years of expertise in engineering and design of Instrumentation & Control Systems projects to upgrade your facility’s problematic mechanical gauging systems with wireless tank gauging systems. MSB is a one-stop, integrated provider with expertise in implementing an effective modernization strategy through Instrumentation & Controls and complementary Telecommunications engineering services. Our senior engineers have specialized experience in PLC based control systems, process measurement and control system upgrades, and a wide range of analytical applications.

MSB brings extensive, value-added experience to service refineries, chemical plants, terminaling and storage sites, pipelines, and transfer facilities, providing fully compliant and reliable wireless solutions that interface seamlessly with your information network. MSB’s project experience includes existing system evaluation; new and replacement instrumentation specification, including redundant radar gauges, DCS and HMI interface; fiber back-haul design; and wireless infrastructure design.

Wireless tank gauging eliminates uncertainty of low-performing mechanical gauging systems.

Outdated mechanical gauging systems are difficult to maintain and prone to failure due to their communications limitations. Through a multiple-path information flow via wireless and fiber, wireless tank gauging provides your facility access to data from tanks previously out of reach—without the need for long-distance field wiring. The advantages of converting to wireless include reduced project start-up time, minimal downtime, increased reliability, and substantially reduced implementation costs. A wireless monitoring solution enables real-time tank data for accurate net volume calculations, certified custody transfer accuracy, leak detection, and reliable high-level alarm functionality to prevent costly overflows.

MSB’s complete wireless tank gauging system integration services include:

  • Redundant Radar Level Gauge Installations
  • Temperature & Pressure Instrumentation Upgrades
  • Stilling Well Design
  • Network & Fiber Optic Wireless Package Installation
  • Telecom Expertise to Integrate with DCS & HMI Systems
  • System Testing & Maintenance

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